The Gigabit Libraries Network (GLN) expands the “Fiber to the Library” advocacy for libraries as most natural community ICT hubs while also championing highest global standards of free, open access to information and expression.

GLN operates as an open collaboration of tech savvy, innovation libraries cooperating as a distributed global testbed/showcase environment for high performance applications and equipment in the service of educational, civic and cultural objectives.  

Project focus areas:  
-- wired/wireless infrastructure development
-- direct connectivity with neighboring schools, health clinics and others  
-- local/regional ICT policy leadership 

In the tradition of libraries generally, GLN projects seek to support the widest array of needs and opportunities in education, cultural exchange, health, open access, private inquiry, public safety, civic engagement, e-gov’t., entertainment, and more.  

In the US, GLN provides an optimal metric toward realization of National Broadband Goal of a gigabit per second connection to local anchor institutions in every community by 2020. Globally, the Libraries WhiteSpace Pilot is a spearhead project leveraging license-free wireless technologies to quickly buildout BB infrastructures for billions of people, underserved or yet to even be served.

Contact: info (at) giglibraries (dot) net @GigLibraries
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