*** Gigabit Libraries Network is refocusing current efforts in the service of heroic libraries facing daunting challenges of providing services during the pandemic. *** 

       "What is a Library If the Building is Closed?"                  As we explore: internet access, digital services, physical materials & social infrastructure    

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Round Two: Libraries in Response

5/22 Recording available soon Speakers:

Cindy Auden, WA Librarian updates on a state-wide hotspot project and other happenings since her last appearance on Friday: 4/3

Mark Colwell, Director of Telecommunications Strategy at Voqal gives high level view on how libraries and other anchor institutions can utilize and preserve precious spectrum in the 2.5 GHz range known as Educational Broadcast Services (EBS)   Federal Broadband Strategy at an Inflection Point

Jon Sallet, Sr. Fellow with the Benton Institute for Broadband & Society gives an updated perspective on his groundbreaking report Broadband for America’s Future: A Vision for the 2020s now in the context of the pandemic.

5/15 No Session Convened

5/8 Recording available "From Topeka to Tipperary" Speakers:

David Lee King (start at 7:30), Digital Services Director at Topeka and Shawnee County Public Library talked about his experience, suggesting that with the lockdown, he had had the busiest month of his life.

Stuart Hamilton (start at 31:30), Head of Libraries Development for Ireland, started by sharing figures on the experience of public libraries in Ireland over the period of lock-down.

5/1 Recording available Speakers:

Sharon Strover, Professor in Communication at UT (start at 8:50and fmr Chair of the Radio-TV-Film Department will provide overview of library hotspot lending study she led for IMLS.  

Sara Jones,  Marin County Library Director (start at 22:39 will detail an exiting check out hotspot program by the library to benefit students and a proposed project to build a Student (mesh) WiFi Network in a high density, lower income neighborhood. An impressive school library collaboration.  

Scott G. Allen, Deputy Director, Public Library Association (US) (start at 32:50will provide details on newly announced partnership with Microsoft for Public WiFi Access Micro Grant Program where in “April 2020, Microsoft will provide $120,000 to help public libraries in rural communities with hardware and support to install public WiFi access points on or near library grounds.”  

NEW: Joeseph Wender, Senator Ed Markey (MA) Sr. Policy Advisor (start at 45:21will discuss prospects for passage of new bill for "a $4 billion emergency connectivity fund to strengthen a Federal Communications Commission program so qualifying schools and libraries can purchase Wi-Fi hotspots modems routers and other connected devices for students during the COVID-19 pandemic."

4/24 Recording available Speakers: 

IMLS Director, Crosby Kemper (now confirmed) will give high level view of and objectives for new stimulus funds.

Julie Walker, GA Librarian will give update on happenings in the Peach State and some new data on recent access useage.

Hayford Siaw, Executive Director - Ghana Library Authority will return for Africa part 2 story

Raphaëlle Bats, Relations InternationalesÉcole nationale supérieure des sciences de l'information et des bibliothèques (ENSSIB), French for National Superior School of Information Science and Libraries" in Lyon will share activities and possible reopening strategies.

Earlier Sessions:

Friday 4/17

Friday: 4/10

Friday: 4/3 

3-part kick off series: 3/26-28                                        

Part 1: Internet Access  - 3/26   

Part 2: Digital Services  - 3/27  

Part 3: Physical Materials - 3/28 

IMLS NEW 4/13  Announces New Stimulus Funding for Communities Across America

COVID-19 Coronavirus Updates     

Home and Remote Broadband Access Strategies (from CENIC)

Background: Community SecondNets 
Libraries, partnering with other anchor institutions as second responders in disaster, installing WWAN's with open spectrum #TVWS #WiFi and other open frequency wireless  #IMLS 

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