Bertha Voyer Memorial Library

Honey Grove, TX

Describe the need that you’re trying to address.

We are at "end of line" for internet service in our area. Available internet is slow and VERY expensive - averaging between $75 to $100 per month. We are in a very poor, rural, agricultural area-our patrons simply cannot afford internet. As more and more day to day tasks require accessibility - our community falls farther behind. The local ISD issues tablets to all students 5th grade up - but they have no connectivity at home to use them. We have a great arrangement with a college to do distance learning, ABE classes and GED prep - but they want students to be able to connect. There is so much need in this community and we are the only internet/wi-fi in the area. Using Whitespace would allow many more people in the community to use the connectivity to improve their lives!

What would be a successful outcome for your project?
  • More people enrolled in Distance Learning
  • More students being able to do home work on their tablets from home
  • More people able to connect for simple daily needs!
  • Bring more small businesses to the community - lack of connectivity is keeping much progress from our area.

Please list your team members or partners and their roles 

  • Honey Grove ISD - Host hot spot on campus
  • Grayson County College - Enroll more students in ABE/GED/ESL
  • Paris Junior College - Same as Grayson
  • Eagerly Sought - host hot spot downtown
  • City of Honey Grove - Host hot spot in city park.

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